About Us



Jesus spent time with the worst of sinners and accepted them. He did not come to condemn them with His words or punish them with His actions. Instead, He came to heal and to save. We should follow in His footsteps, accepting all who would come. Our words become crucial if we are to be believed, and our actions must back up what we say. We must see people with love in our heart, talk to them with grace on our lips, and show we care with our actions.


We challenge people to live a life that never settles for anything less than experiencing the daily manifest presence of God. In His presence, and from a lifetime of Godly living, we gain wisdom from Heaven. We need this wisdom for our journey, but we also need to have something worth passing on to others. Wisdom is not just for you; it is for two. This pursuit of God and His wisdom leads us to the possibility of a truly remarkable christian lifestyle. Deciding to live less in the world, we make conscious choices to do extraordinarily Christian things and make extravagantly Godly decisions with our time, money, talents, and resources. These three major pursuits will tip the scale of our life and cause us to live a life worthy of imitation.


Heavenly wisdom, Godly values, spiritual truths, personal passions, and insights for successful living, must be passed from mentor to protégé, generation after generation. Building a totem pole of stories, protégés become mentors who inspire their own protégés to become mentors. This creates a new kind of spiritual family tree, where each generation builds upon the knowledge and wisdom imparted to them as a legacy of those who came before. We are the sum of all who have invested in us. It is time for us to build our own spiritual legacy, time to build our spiritual totem pole.

These are our values. This is why we do what we do as a church. This is what motivates our activities, informs our decisions, and ultimately what we AIM to become as Christians