Donate Button

We are working on adding a donate button to the website so caring folks can donate online. The holdup is the banks in the area were also damaged and moving slow. We should have the donate button up and running by next week.

Current Status for Seniors

Right now, our seniors are getting their homes cleaned out and mold remediation is being performed. In the coming weeks, as that big job gets completed and the people get settled into their new temporary homes, the true needs of these seniors will float to the top as they start taking steps to rebuild their lives and homes. So, my suggestion for now…save back some money…and in a few weeks, I will send you a list of some specific ways you could help someone…probably in the form of gift cards. If you’d like to though, you could just wait till the beginning of next week, and we will have our button installed on our web site that will allow you to donate money directly to a fund that will be used exclusively for helping seniors get back on their feet. We would already have this up and running, but the banks in the area were also damaged…so banking services have been way slower than normal…just like everything else around here.

But I do thank you in advance for your generous offer to help.
God bless you

Love, Pastor Jimmy White

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